Hello Shenzhen | 你知道简单的代码可以变成动人的音乐吗?
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“Don’t try to understand Alex’s code, it’s a waste of time for beginners, they’re all off record.”


So, remember my first day of residency when I met Alex McLean, the live coder who wrote the programming language TidalCycle and as my final project we’re playing a set together the next Friday at Algorave, short for algorithmic rave, It finally happened. And it was LOADS of fun. We were debating the day earlier if we want to do it simply at the lab or set up the stage and make it a small party, I suggested half jokingly:”

记得我的第一天在机构入驻,初遇Alex McLean-亲手编写程序语言TidalCycle的音乐程序员-那天,作为我的最终项目,我们计划下一个星期五在Algorave一起合奏吗?终于到了这一天。 我们合奏玩得很开心。 讨论到是在实验室简单演出呢,还是布置一个舞台,做个小型派对,我半开玩笑说:

 “We can set it up at Access Space, open the doors for anyone who wants to come in. It’s St Patrick’s day, all the drunk people would be attracted to techno, come in and dance, have a blast, discover the joy of computer science, and we raise them up to be makers:P”

Alex seemed to be intrigued:”Haha, that sounds good.”

“我们可以在Access Space设个舞台,对所有人开放。周五晚是圣帕特里克节,酒鬼们听到电子乐声都会被吸引进来跳舞,玩个痛快,发现编程多有趣,然后我们把他们培养成创客:P”


Alex’s music various from chill relaxing notes to electronic dance music to futuristic tunes that takes you to another world. Every randomly generated simple beat he could take it, play around with it, and go crazy with it. 

Alex的音乐的多样性,从令人舒畅的轻音乐到电子乐,到带你到另一个境界的超现实的曲调。 每一个随机生成的简单的节拍与曲调,他都可以灵活配合。

It was my first experience as an on-stage musician, and a special one. To perform computer music live – live coding – is kind of like improv concert, on a laptop, with text and algorithm. It is a whole new way of creating music. Back in Shenzhen, I was also experiencing computer music, but with another software named ChucK. The differences between these two languages is that ChucK is a synthesizer, it has the flexibility to generate various of sound whereas with Tidal use existing sound samples and eliminate the process of writing lines of code just to make a sound. Both language has many different potentials, a collaboration of both could do wonders. Tidal could be the new method of learning coding for beginners, if you’re a programmer looking to get into music, or an artist looking to get into coding. You’ve found your next project.

这是我第一次舞台演出音乐编程,在英国最难以忘却的经历。 演出现场音乐编码 – 相当于只用公式和代码编奏的即兴音乐会。 这是一种另类创造音乐的方式。 来英国之前,我也在玩电脑音乐,不过是用另一个名为ChucK的软件。 这两种语言的区别在于ChucK是一个音效合成器,它具备灵活性生成各种声音的能力,而Tidal使用现有的声音样本,消除了只是为了生成一个音调编写好几行代码的过程。 两种程序语言各有很多不同的潜力,二者的结合,可以做出更棒的作品。 Tidal很有潜力成为初学者学习编码的新方法,如果你是一个想要学音乐的程序员,或者有兴趣学习编码的艺术家,呐~ 你找到归属了。

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