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I’m not a night person. So after 20 whole hours of sitting and sleeping sitting and eating siting without sunlight, I was trembling with joy as I walked out of the edinburgh airport. Or maybe it was the coldness of the last of winter days. We...

在爱丁堡maker assembly,我们和世界各地的创客先锋们聚集在一起,探讨创客风潮更多的可能性。
今天上午正式进入集训状态,下午两点半结束后去拜访了remakery,一个专注于将废弃物回收利用的空间。 “集训”主要介绍了Hello Shenzhen的项目情况、项目评估方式、深圳创客情况、英国创客情况、两位学者的研究方向。我们一边在进行集训的时候,在空间的另一边则是British Council的另一个项目Maker Libray Network在进行头脑风暴和讨论。这个项目是British Council在过去几年深度参与的项目,目前已经在十多个城市建立了创客图书馆(如下图,创客图书馆=创客空间+图书馆+画廊)。

Our open call to UK makers for residency opportunities in Shenzhen received many exciting applications and we are now very pleased to announce the selected makers.

Last week we announced the UK makers who were selected to travel to residencies in Shenzhen. We are now very excited to reveal the list of the Chinese makers coming to the UK!