Hello Shenzhen | Well hello, Edinburgh!
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Well hello, Edinburgh!

I’m not a night person. So after 20 whole hours of sitting and sleeping sitting and eating siting without sunlight, I was trembling with joy as I walked out of the edinburgh airport. Or maybe it was the coldness of the last of winter days. We took a bus back to the hotel. First thing I noticed about this city is the shadows, resting nicely, they allow no foul mood. The rest was a blur.

我不是一个喜好黑夜的人。 所以经过坐着睡觉,没有阳光的20个小时,走出爱丁堡机场,我已喜极颤栗。 也或许是因为这是寒冬的尾巴。

我们乘坐公共汽车回到酒店。 我注意到这个城市的第一件事是万物的影子,投射在地面,与爱丁堡的一切融合得很好,它们不允许你糟糕的心情。 这之外的记忆都是已是一片模糊。

Hello, I’m Rachel Hu, Space Manager of Litchee Lab, Shenzhen. I’ll be telling my stories from the UK trip and try to keep it interesting at helloshenzhen.org and my website.


Hacker scene:

When i was first working at Litchee Lab I was not working with Litchee, I was working for a member of Litchee Lab, Janek, an amazing engineer and a senior researcher at the University of Edinburgh. Naturally, he was the first person I turned to. Hacklab was the first and primary site he directed me to. So I hauled everyone there.


最开始在南荔工坊工作,我并非在跟南荔工作。那时我在跟南荔的一位很棒的工程师,爱丁堡大学的资深研究员会员- Janek-工作。来到爱丁堡,他自然是我首选的活地图。 Hacklab是他首为推荐的必经之地。于是我把整个团队拖去了…

Hacklab vibrates of funky fibers electric and black tea. The CNC room itself held more than just a couple of cutting machines standing in pools of beautiful aluminum crusts. Our host, Consta, a manager at the University of Edinburgh, went out of his way to show us around and help us get a feel of the lab.

The tea had an aftertaste that stay on my tongue hours after.

Hacklab(https://edinburghhacklab.com/) – 直译黑客实验室 – 与爱丁堡大学只隔了一条街。Hacklab是个典型的草根创客空间。闭上眼睛,都可以闻到电子器械与浓茶的飘香。光是机器间的数控机都不只两三台。感谢我们的接待人 – Consta – 是爱丁堡大学的经理,忙之空闲他耐心向我们介绍了空间以及爱丁堡的概况。

Arts scene:

The Fringe – To quote wikipedia, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (often referred to as simply The Fringe) is the world’s largest arts festival. It is an open access performing festival.

Summerhall – we came at a bad time and no shows were actually going on, but the variety of elements on the two dozens of pamphlets I snuck out don’t lie. I could’ve spent days there if time allowed.


The Fringe – 引用维基百科的话,爱丁堡节日The Fringe 是世界上最大的艺术节。 The Fringe是一个开放式的艺术节,参与的艺术家无需经过筛选的过程。Events snip bits:

The second day led us to the opening of the Hello, Shenzhen program. The lovely organizers, hosts and residents from UK met up with us residents from SZ. My host from Access Space, Jake was immensely helpful in every aspect. I’ll fill in more of the projects I am hoping to be starting them, but here’s the basic ideas of a few:

1. Further/bring in the technology trash to jewelry project

2. Exploring the arts and music scene. Sheffield is where the AMAZING band Arctic Monkeys was formed.

3. Learning live coding from the master.



第二天是你好,深圳项目的开幕式。英国活动组织者British Council,入住机构主办方和我们10位深圳伙伴见面细聊入驻目标期望。我可以在这里简单介绍这次入驻的关注点:

1. 探索实现把电子垃圾重复利用

2. 探索发现艺术与音乐界文化

3. 学习音乐编程

Snaps around the city(爱丁堡):

Special thanks to British Council, SZ Foundation For International Exchange and Cooperation & SZOIL for making this happen.

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