Hello Shenzhen | My camera made a trip down to London. Without me.
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My camera made a trip down to London. Without me.

As titled. So all the fun and observation I made at the Makers Assembly was futile. 
JK, I can still write:)

My jet lag was calling me to the other side of awareness during speeches except some of the most intriguing ones, and without the record, I can speak from memory

An interdependent artist looking woman offered the seat next to her while I searched for seats. Her name is Micaella, we quickly bonded over our similar taste in rings we wore – turquoise and iridescence. Micaella is a London based artist who explores “How we/people can play and benefit from the forces and materials around us?” She was leading one of the four workshops at Maker Assembly: Joining Bottles. Basic idea is to cut a plastic bottle in parts, wrap and heat shrink a ring of plastic around where you want to join other material, say, wood. Back in Shenzhen I met a German maker who introduced me to the idea of multi-material art making, combines wood, fur and 3D printed joints, where traditions crafts meet technology.

Janet Gunter, Co-Founder of the Restart Project, explores the reuse of electronics and repair. After her speech, I found her and challenged her a question regarding the structure and balance of repairing and developing. I was not disappointed. Next week, I will hopefully find her in London and conduct an interview.

The evening/closing of Maker Assembly we had so much fun I lost my camera. Turns out he (I shall assign my camera a gender because he seems to have a mind of his own) traveled down to London without me. Meanwhile, I shall conspire another interesting project on that subject and update you guys in a few days..

The next day, while my traveling mates explored Sterling Castle and dead kings, I took the day to visit Scottish National Gallery of Modern Arts. 

The journey there was a pain, but a beautiful one. Sandstone buildings for miles, Scottish minding their daily business. It was a misty day, and I was getting comfortable living in the fairy tale.

Bridget Riley expresses mostly through black and white stripes and a sense of dimension 

Magaret Mellis: Relief construction in wood

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