Hello Shenzhen | First dayay!
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First dayay!

“You hear the name field, you imagine a tiny town surrounded by fields, y’know.”“Hundreds of years ago, there use to be. Then they laid railways all over the city. This is the field, you’ve been on the field.”


“几百年前是有田野。 然后他们在城市各处铺设了铁路。 这就是田地,你已经去过了田野。”

Sheffield was not at all what I expected. You hear the name field, you envision a nice little village that goes well with a folk song on mandolin, beer in hand. Sheffield use to be a heavy industrial city, known as the steel city. Most of the households are on miles and up and down of hills. My host, Jake, met up with me on his day off to show me around the town center. You can see the government’s attempt to attract people back into the city to improve the economy – new buildings and multiple shopping center. “It’s dangerous when people are desperate for money.”I uttered.

-谢菲尔德跟我的想象中完全不一样。 你听到田野(field),你想象一个漂亮的小村庄,一手啤酒,一首曼陀林。 谢菲尔德曾经是一个重工业城市,被称为钢铁之城。 大多数家庭都住在蔓延起伏几里的山丘。 我的接待人jake,在他的休息天,还在市中心附近见我。 你可以看到政府试图吸引人们回到城市来改善经济 – 比如,新建筑和多个购物中心。 “人们为金钱饥渴的时候真是危险。”我吐口而出。

“We have way more passion than money.”said John, one of the staff at Access Space. And so they do. John built the whole structure of the space: stairs, second floor, shelves, walls. 

“How were you certain that it wouldn’t collapse?”

“Once we had a meeting of 30 people on the second floor.” 

The second floor he was showing me is less than 10 qr.

“We had no money, we want to show people that you don’t need a lot of money to create.”






Jake: “These days, many think that young people need a grand, well furnished space to start working. They don’t. They just need the space.”


I spent the rest of the afternoon learning live-coding with Alex, one of the best live-coder in the world. To quote wikipedia: live-coding is a performing arts form centered upon the writing of source code and the use of interactive programming in an improvised way. Me, I just want a safe space to create music without annoying my neighbors. So, next Friday night, as one of my final projects from this trip,(if my work isn’t dreadful) I will be playing a set along with Alex at AlgoRave.

下午的时间我都花在跟世界一流的Live-coder学习Live-coding。 引用wikipedia:live-coding是一个表演艺术形式,集中于源代码的编写和以即兴方式使用交互式编程。 我的话,我只是想要一个不会吵到我邻居的方式来创建音乐。 下周五晚上,作为这次旅程的项目之一(如果我的作品不是很糟糕),我会跟Alex在Algorave做一次DJ。

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