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依然是忙碌的一天。我们继续车轮战,早上开始review CRL孵化的这些团队做的硬件产品。 其中一个产品是做电池可再生利用的。 他们现在面临的问题在于,这些电池现在是长方型的,没有一个很好的工具方便用户搬运拿取。 就结构设计这部分,Innozen Design 的Michael 给我们上了很好的一课。 他说,如果你不是很有钱的公司,结构设计不要想着做新东西,要看看周围已经被证明过可以成功的方案。例如,这个电池的重量与大小摆在这里,你要看看周围有没有东西也差不多是这个大小与重量的,同时又有把手帮助搬运的。要参考这个东西的把手设计,因为这个东西已经证明了这种把手的可行性。如果是做工业或外观设计,你才可以想做一个前无古人的设计。


1.How did you get involved in the Hello Shenzhen programme?

My friend suggested this program to me, he sent me a message and say, hey shuyang, do you know this program?  i think you are quite fit into this , you have to apply. then i checked it , and thought it would be a super great opportunity for me to learn  what is happening now in this sun never sets country.


  1. What’s your role in this programme?

I am a maker in residency in central reseach lab Since i am from Seeedstudio which is an hardware electronic company, so i am more in the hardware side.   I think i am the one that give people a full picture about how to deliver a hardware product from prototype to final sales.


3.How did you get involved in the field you’re in?

I studied “Measurement and Control Technology” in University , it is a major about getting the physical data and use the data to control the system. This helped me open the door of engineering.  then i start my first job as an engineer,then become a product designer, Now i am a business development, trying to help designer to turn their prototype into actual product. Kinda of moving from the back-end to front end.


4.Why are you taking part in this programme?

I really want to look closely into UK as an important market, deeply connect to local people & start-up, share with them what is happening here in China and understand what is happening in UK, and then find out if there is any spark we can create together.


5.What do you hope to achieve in your time here?

I hope we can build a really strong bond between uk startup and shenzhen. Our strength is building product, U.K. Is good at design product, we all need to learn from each other


6.Why is it so important for this cross-cultural collaboration to take place? What do UK and Chinese makers have to learn from each other?

I think it is really valuable for this cross cultural.  Alex told me that there are 2 core questions for the startup team, one is ‘Do people want this?‘.  And how do I make this?  we will be the person to answer the second question.  I can tell startup here what are Shenzhens capability, can this product be delivered successfully?  And then, here in UK , people can give answers for the first question why am I doing this. U.K. is really famous in many kinds of designing, a lot of grassroots idea about combining electronic and design.  I believe that there is huge market here in the coming year and really excited about it.

7.What are you making?

We are making a dream right now

We are not making any physical thing right now.

We are making a business model about how Seeed and innozon Design and CRL copperate.  It will kinda of become a classic case about how electronic company, industrial design company and accelerater work together.


8.Why are you making this? Why now?

Because now is the right timing, now I got chance to get involve deeply in an accelerator.  Before we also work with different hardware accelerator , but didn’t got chance to to really look into what they need and if there is other potential opportunity in cooperation.


  1. How are you making it? What’s the process?

10.Why is to so important to get involved in residencies like these?

CRL represent the potential to release the creative and innovative energy in hardware electronic .Seeed studio, the company that I work for is a company that provide electronic module and service to help people bulid hardware.  Residencies like this eable us to learn deeply about each other and find the winwin business model for both of us.

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