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Friendly Sheffield

It’s the forth sunny day at Sheffield, seems like this town likes me:) I was just marveling at the weather to Gareth the other day,

“Here’s an interesting story: a week after I moved here from London, a person walked by me and said: ‘Hello!’ I was trying to figure out who that person was for ten minutes, ‘cause I just got here and knew practically 3 people. Then I came to an realization: people are just friendly here.” 

“Really?! I’ve noticed! I was always like: ‘did I offend that person somehow? Was he being sarcastic?’”

“No, it’s just how they are.” he looked at me knowingly,”in London, people were always grumpy.”



“告诉你一个有趣的故事:我从伦敦搬到这里一个星期后,一个路人对我说:’你好!’ 我花了十分钟绞尽脑汁在想在哪里认识他,因为我来了一周只认识3个人,然后我发现:他只是很友好。


“不是啊,他们性格就这样。” 他看着我说,“在伦敦,人们总是脾气暴躁。“

Gareth partners in the aquaponics experiment at Sheffield Hallam University.

(Aquaponics: A system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.) Shenzhen has yet developed an Aquaponics community, but wouldn’t it be pretty cool to make it work around the city?



Things are slow here, slower than I’m used to but just the way I like. Rachael, a local artist. Graced by salt n’ pepper hair, dressed herself in purple outfit, iridescent ear studs, invited me to my first group discussion on art work. They set themselves up in a little studio just a few minutes walk from access space, Rachael and Toni just moved the day before and was still a beautiful mess. Pasty wall nailed by previous art pieces, there were colors, quotes, a scaling mannequin and handy work in every corner. The group of woman’s ages range from early 20s to 50s, we spoke with curiosity with each other’s work and insights. There’s an easy honesty to their comments, no judgments nor condescension. Something I have not encountered in quite a while.

这里的生活很慢,比我习惯的慢,但是我喜欢的方式。 Rachael,一个当地的艺术家。 短发灰黑,穿着紫色的衣服,彩虹色的耳钉,邀请我参加我的第一个小组讨论艺术工作。 他们把自己设置在一个小工作室,离Access Space只用几分钟步行,Rachael和Toni前一天刚刚搬了工作室,工作室现在充满艺术气氛的乱。 被艺术作品钉过的墙壁。空间充满色彩,模特和每个角落都有未完成的手工。 我们的年龄范围从20左右到50左右,但是我们好奇的与彼此交流作品和见解。 氛围很简轻松很诚实。他们的评论里不带批判不带轻视。我很久都没遇到这么开放的一群人。 

“Rachel is the artist in resident at Access Space. Can you tell us a bit about what you’re doing?”

“Absolutely. I’m not exactly an artist, I’m more of a maker in resident,a creative person.”

“What’s that, what’s a maker?”

“Well I come up with crazy ideas and try to make them real. I’m also here to explore the possibilities of environmental solutions. And over the process, the directions changed and over all moved forward. That’s the thing about hands-on experiments. You learn rapidly. It’s a lovely process.”

“Rachel是Access Space这个月入驻的艺术家。 能告诉我们你在做什么吗?

“当然。 我不喜欢称自己是一个艺术家,我更是一个入驻的创客。一个喜好创作的人。”


“我试图把我疯狂的想法变成真实的作品。 我也在这里探索可持续发展方案的可能性。 在这过程中,我的学习方向迅速改变了,一切都向前进着。 这就是动手实验: 你学习的很快。 这是一个很棒的过程。”

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